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Self Employed

If you are looking to invest or start a business on your own in Spain, you must know that the current legislation grants you the opportunity to issue your residency and work permit as well. This visa allows you to reside in Spain as a self-employed, or as a worker in a company in which you have invested a certain amount of money.

This type of visa normally requires to fulfil different steps in Spain and appear before different institutions. In this case, it is extremely advisable to count with the help and guidance of a lawyer in our country to issue this type of visa. Our Law Firm is ready to assess you on this matter for we count with a highly trained group of attorneys specialized in immigration Law who will do their best to help you with your application.

If you are willing to apply for this Visa, you should submit the following documents:

  • A valid passport or travelling document.
  • A certificate of good conduct or criminal record, issued by the police department of the places where you’ve lived prior to the application.
  • A document proving that you have the required skills or knowledge to carry out such professional activity.
  • A document proving that you have sufficient means to cover your expenses and those arising from the investment and/or commercial activity if applicable.
  • Proof of income for the investment in Spain (bank statements or letter from the bank in Spain).
  • Business plan indicating the intended investment, expected profitability, and if applicable, jobs to be created resulting from the abovementioned project.
  • A document outlining the obtained authorizations and/or permits required to open or conduct the future business or company.

If the visa is granted, the holder must enter into Spanish territory within the period appearing in the visa. In addition, you must be in possession of the NIE as well when applying.

Once in Spain, the law gives you one month to apply for the Residence Card appearing at the corresponding Foreign National Office (Oficina de Extranjeros) of the Government Subdelegation (Subdelegación del Gobierno) where you will be living.

We can apply and assist you in obtaining your work and residency permit here in Spain. In our experience, the immigration authorities will consider the following criteria when reviewing your file:

  • The potential creation of new jobs, capital contribution, new technologies and improvement of production conditions.

  • Bank account document proving your financial means to carry out the project

  • Degrees or provable experience proving your professional capacity to carry out the project

  • The existence of a regime of reciprocity in the country of origin

  • Medical and criminal record clearance

Depending on the business or venture and number of investors, we recommend a minimum of 100,000€ for a sole applicant.

Please remember that all documents must be duly legalized and translated into Spanish by a certified public interpreter.

The renewal of such permit is guaranteed as long as you demonstrate the viability of the company created and that it is up to date on the required payments with no debts.

Family members of the applicant who has obtained such visa may also obtain their residence permits as well. With this visa, family members can live in Spain and children attend school.

Going through this complex process can be time consuming and stressing when gathering the necessary documentation. Thus, it is highly recommended to count with professionals in the area. Contact us, we will manage and prepare your case with the professionalism that characterizes our Law Firm.

For more information regarding this visa or any other immigration service, please contact us.

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