Modification relative EU to non lucrative

Modification relative EU to non lucrative

The law offers the opportunity to those foreigners who have been living in Spain by means of a Residence Card for relatives of EU citizens to modify such legal status for a non-lucrative visa when the relationship between the foreigner and the EU national no longer exists.

You may apply for a non lucrative visa in the event of divorce, dissolution of marital bond, dissolution of registered civil partnership, death or departure of Spain of the EU national provided that you have the financial means to maintain yourself in the country.

The aforesaid is a key element when applying for this specific type of visa for a non lucrative visa is intended for those foreigners who wish to reside in Spain and have sufficient means to cover his/her expenses without engaging in any professional activity.

If you are in the need of modifying your legal status here in Spain for unexpected reasons and wish to apply for such visa, you should count with the help and guidance of experts on the matter. Our Law Firm offers you a high quality service related to immigration and civil Law which can help you to continue residing legally in our country.

In order to apply for this visa you must submit the following requirements:

1. A document proving that you do not have any criminal record in Spain or in any other country where you have lived for the past 5 years. 2. A document stating that you have not been prohibited from entry into Spanish territory and that you do not appear as rejectable in any territorial space of those countries with whom Spain has signed any agreement to that effect. 3. A document proving that have sufficient financial means to cover your personal expenses and, if applicable, those of your family.* 4. A document proving that you count with a Medical Health Insurance, public or private, authorized to operate in Spain which may covers as well your relatives if applicable.

*There are two ways to prove that you count with sufficient means to maintain yourself in Spain:

– A document stating that you have permanent funds for you receive a fixed monthly amount for life which may arise from a pension fund. Please note that to receive a monthly salary would not be considered valid for this visa application because it is not considered permanent. – Balances, bills and statements from a Bank or financial institution demonstrating sufficient funds as stated by the law during the previous year at least. The bank statement must demonstrate as well that the owner of such bank account is the visa applicant, thus it should include your name and account number.

This type of visa is renewable as long as the applicant can prove, at the end of the validation period, that the conditions to live in Spain without engaging in any lucrative activity remains the same as when the visa was granted. Its renewal must be issued 60 days prior to its expiration day.

In the event of an authorization of the visa, the successful applicant must collect it within one month after the notification date. In the absence of collection within the established period, the Spanish authorities will consider that the person has resignated the granted visa.

Contact us and request our services and we will carefully analyze and discuss your case with one of our Spanish Immigration Attorneys, who will be ready to help you getting a positive answer from the Spanish authorities.

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