Nie number

Nie Number

If you wish to buy a property, a car, open a bank account or start a business in Spain, you should get a Foreign Identification Number (Número de Identidad de Extranjero or NIE in Spanish). It is a personal, unique and sequential number granted to everyone who is not a Spanish citizen, whether you are EU citizens or non-EU citizens. This document could be understood as the equivalent of the DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad in Spanish) for non-Spanish nationals.

Our Law Firm and our immigrations attorneys have the expertise and knowledge to help you applying for your NIE number. We can help you filing your application for you and your family members if applicable. By means of a Power of Attorney signed by the applicant, our immigration attorneys are entitled the right to appear before the corresponding National Police Station on your behalf to issue your NIE.

Regarding the NIE, It is important to keep in mind the following considerations:

• The NIE is not an equivalent of a residence permit, that is to say, by issuing this document you are not entitle to reside in Spain or extend your legal permit to stay in the country in any case.

• You may issue your NIE even if you are residing in another country.

• You will not be permitted to issue your NIE unless you are legally staying in Spain.*

*Please keep in mind that even though you enter to Spain by means of a tourist visa, you can issue your NIE within the period of time established in such visa. For example, a Schengen visa will let you stay in Spain for a period of 90 days, during this time you can apply for your NIE for you are in a regular situation in Spanish territory.

To issue your NIE you must submit the following documents:

• Fill out the online NIE application form.

• Original and copy of the passport or identity or travel document.

• The corresponding Power of Attorney if a third party will issue your NIE for you.

• Other documentation as Family book, birth certificate, etc. if applicable.

Please remember that all supporting documentation issued by a Foreign Authority must be duly legalized and translated into Spanish by a certified public interpreter.

This document, the NIE, will be necessary for all types of procedures, official actions or economic or professional interests that you wish or intend to develop in Spain. This number will not change as it is yours for life.

In the event that you misplaced your new NIE certificate and don’t remember the number or don’t have an extra copy, probably you´ll be forced to request again a NIE certificate at the local Police Station. It will be much easier because you already have been granted a NIE number but you must submit again all the legal requirements. Remember that our legal staff can help you to issue your NIE for the first time and to retrieve it if you have lost it as well.

By hiring our services to issue your NIE, we will handle all the application process for you. Therefore, you don’t have to come to Spain which will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses. Once we get your NIE, we will send it to you through email and later through postal service.

For more information regarding your NIE or any other immigration service, please contact us.

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