If you are willing to move to Spain, you might be able to do so by applying to a Wealth Visa, which is basically intended to an individual who wants to immigrate to Spain and has sufficient funds to live in our country without working.

Please note that the most important element when applying for this type Visa is to demonstrate that you have sufficient means to live in Spain, for example, by means of a trust fund or retirement pension. According to your case, you may apply for a Non-Lucrative Residence Visa or a Residence Visa for Retirees. In both cases, our specialized group of attorneys in Immigration Law will be ready to help you to fulfill all the requirements.


Non-Lucrative Residence Visa

This visa entitles the applicant to live in Spain without engaging in any lucrative activity. In order to apply for it, you must prove that you have sufficient financial means to cover your expenses while staying in the country.

There are different ways to prove that you have such income, for example, a trust fund, investments, annuities, sabbaticals or any other document proving that you have kept a high enough average balance in your bank account during at least 12 months. Please note that such documents must show that the aforesaid bank account is registered in your name, whether the account is in Spain or in your homeland.

Keep in mind as well, that a salary is not considered a permanent income, nor is interest received from a bank or mutual fund. Remember, you must prove high permanent or regular income for at least one year prior de application.

Non EU nationals who wish to reside in Spain temporarily, without undertaking any professional activity, might apply for this visa as well.

Applying for this visa requires you to appear before a diplomatic mission or consular office in your country. It is always advisable to be represented in such applications by an immigration attorney, especially if your Spanish level is not advanced, for they will make the process easier for you and will contact the consulate office on your behalf.

Contact our legal staff and they will guide you through the entire application process in order to avoid unnecessary delays.


Residence Visa for Retirees

When looking for a good place to spend your retirement period, whether a couple of years or more, in order to relax, interact with different people or simply, enjoy life, Spain is one of the most popular spots on the map. People from different countries consider Spain a good place to buy, rent, or invest in real estate, for our country counts with the adequate infrastructure and public services.

This type of visa allows retirees to reside in Spain without engaging in any type of lucrative activity. If you decide to apply for it, you must prove to be a pensioner or beneficiary of a Government regular and life payment or a private pension, all this pursuant to the Royal Decree 2393/2004.

When applying, generally, you will be required to submit a Notarized Document explaining why you are requesting the visa, the purpose, the place and the length of your stay in Spain, and a document proving a permanent retirement income from an official institution, whether social security or other private source

Despite the type of visa that you choose to apply for, you may be required to submit a police clearance certificate; a medical certificate; a document proving that you have an international medical insurance; and any other proof of other sources of income or properties in Spain if applicable.

**Please note that most of these documents must be translated into Spanish by a certified public interpreter. The Spanish Consulates or Embassies have a list of them.

These types of Visa enable the applicant to bring his/her family to Spain, as long as you can prove that you have sufficient funds to cover their expenses as well. The process may take between 1 to 2 months from the day all documents are presented.

Our specialized group of attorneys knows very well the Spanish immigration laws and the application process, therefore helping you to obtain a positive answer from the Spanish authorities.

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