If you have been hired to work for a Spanish company or you wish to invest in our country, you will be required to apply for a Work and Residence Visa in order to do so.

Our Law Firm is ready to help you with all the legal requirements to successfully complete your visa application. Please note that each case will be examined individually by our specialized staff as the requirements may vary from one applicant to another.

There are different requirements depending on your professional activity when applying for this type of visa. The abovementioned requirements must be fulfilled as explained below:


Residence Visa to work as an Employee

Work and resident’s visa allows the holder to work as an employee in a company located in Spain. The applicant must obtain a job offer from an employer in Spain prior to the issue of the Visa. The Spanish employer must file an application for working papers for its future employee at the Government Representative’s Sub-office (Subdelegación de Gobierno) in the province where the applicant will be working. If the application is accepted, the applicant will be granted a temporary work and residence permit issued by the abovementioned office.

To issue the visa, you must hold the aforesaid valid Spanish Work Permit and apply for the Residence Permit before the Spanish Consulate in your country of residence to apply, as soon as you can, for it is valid only for one month.

There are various types of Work Visa such as:


Trusted Corporate Role Salaried Work Visa

If you have obtained a position related to high management roles or highly skilled jobs, the law offers the possibility to apply and obtain a work and residence permit for a trusted corporate position, in accordance to the Royal Decree 2392/2004.


Salaried Work and Residence Visa by Settlement

Through the Royal Decree 2392/2004, applicants who are not nationals from a European Union member state have the possibility to apply for this visa if they have been residing irregularly in Spain during a certain period of time.

In order to apply, you need to provide the following:

• Evidence that you have been residing continuously and uninterruptedly in Spain for at least 2 years and that you have been in an irregular employment relationship for a minimum of 1 year prior to the application.

• Evidence that you have been residing for a minimum of 3 years and you have a job offer with duration of at least one year.

• Prove family ties in Spain (spouse, children or parents) and show by the means of a certificate issued by the Town Hall that you are fully integrated into the Spanish society.


Work Permit for Investor or Self-employed

This visa allows the applicant to reside in Spain as a self-employed person (autonomous), or as a worker in a company in which you have invested a certain amount of money. Your plans may vary from setting up a new enterprise, buying an established company or start a franchise; either way, we can help in any of these situations.

If you are willing to engage in any of the abovementioned lucrative activities, you will be required to submit certain documents, and our specialized staff will be ready to help you because we know that transactions involving money are extremely important and vital to you.

An application for this type of visa requires you to provide a solid case consisting of a detailed business plan, with the initial investment and the expected employment creation outlined; making emphasis in the contribution that your investment will bring to Spain. We can guide you go through the entire process to get this visa; for examples, assisting you in outlining a business plan and meeting all the legal requirements to bring this plan to reality.

Please note that most of these documents must be translated into Spanish by a certified public interpreter. Most of the Spanish Consulates or Embassies have a list of them.

We know that you care about your family as well, so once you have become an investor visa holder, it is quite possible for them to achieve a residency status too. Our immigration attorneys will be glad to help you on this matter.

To know more about how to apply for this visa, contact us.

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