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Applying for a Student Card in Spain

Until not so long ago it was compulsory to apply for a visa to study in the Spanish Consulate, but for some years now it has been possible to make the application while you are in Spain, within the 60 first days from your entry to the country.

In other words, if you enter our country as a tourist and you are within the legal deadline for doing so, you can apply for the Study Stay Authorisation directly at the Foreigners’ Office in your city.

If you are in Spain and want to take a specific training course. In order to obtain this type of permit, any type of training is admissible.

That is to say, you can come to study a university degree, to do a higher or intermediate level training or even to study languages.

In this sense, the legislation is broad and does not limit the type of training. The only thing that is established is that this training must be carried out in an authorised centre in Spain and that it must have a minimum number of hours per week and be on site.

Therefore, if you are thinking of applying for this type of permit, it is important that you check very carefully that the centre is authorised in Spain to provide such training, and that you do not have any problems with your application.


In relation to the previous point, you should look for full-time training. Part-time studies or a few hours a week are not acceptable.

It is therefore important that you seek full-time training and that it results in the award of a degree or certificate of studies.

In order to be able to successfully process your Study Stay Permit it must at all times be a face-to-face training.


One of the most important requirements, together with the confirmation of enrolment, is to prove that we have the financial means to cover all our expenses once we are in Spain.

In this case, the law establishes a specific amount, 100% of the Public Indicator of Multiple Effect Income (IPREM), which is an index used in Spain for the granting of aid, subsidies or unemployment benefits. This IPREM varies over the years, and is currently 564.90 €.

Therefore, and for this type of study permit, you must prove that we have €564.90 each month, which amounts to €6,768 per year.

This amount can be reduced at any given time if you can prove that you have covered or already paid for our accommodation. A third party can also commit to cover the costs and accommodation in your home by means of an affidavit. This may be the case of a relative or friend.


Another of the fundamental pillars for this authorisation to stay in Spain for study purposes is to accredit that we have health care covered in Spain. To do this, we must prove that we have either private or public health insurance, with which we have health care covered. It must also be with an insurance company or entity that operates in Spain. This type of insurance must include repatriation and not have a co-payment.


If your stay permit will exceed the 6 month period, you will also need to submit a medical certificate, duly apostilled and translated. The content of such doctor´s certificate needs to indicate that the patient is free of any contagious diseases according to the International Health Regulation 2005.

Should you wish to Study in Spain and need assistance in your application, feel free to contact our office and speak with one of our lawyers.

If you enter our country as a tourist and you are within the legal deadline for doing so, you can apply for the Study Stay Authorisation directly at the Foreigners’ Office in your city.

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