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The Spanish government is currently encouraging foreign investment in order to improve the general economic situation of the country.  Therefore, if you are looking for a country to set up a company, Spain is a good place to consider. However, starting a company in another country may turn into a difficult task if you do not count with the appropriate legal assistance.

As a new foreign entrepreneur, we understand your needs and doubts when understanding and shaping to a new legal system. Based on our wide experience, our lawyers are ready to answer your queries and outline all the different stages that you must complete in order to open your company here in Spain. Even if you are a national investor cope with all the legal requirements can be time consuming and stressing; therefore, we invite you to contact us to incorporate your company.

Even though each client must consider different elements when setting up a company according to his/her particular case, in general all entrepreneurs must issue the following documentation:

  • A document stating that the name for your company is not in use. Such document can be issued at the Company Registry and it is called Negative Certificate of Name.
  • Get the Fiscal Company Identification Number or CIF in the corresponding office of the Treasury Department.
  • Get the corresponding bank statement where it is stated that you count with the corresponding amount required by law depending on the type of company to be constituted.
  • Issue a document where there are stated the company statutes.
  • Issue the Deed of Incorporation before a Public Notary.
  • Issuing the payment of Property Transfer Tax and Stamp Duties. These normally represent a 1% of the initial company capital.
  • Get a document proving that you have registered the company in the corresponding Company Registry.

Our lawyers can help you avoiding queues and delays in getting each of the abovementioned documents, which must be issued and completed in a specific order. With the corresponding Power of Attorney, you may save time and frequent visits to our country, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.

The most common legal forms in Spain to incorporate a company are the following:

Limited Liability Company (Sociedad Limitada, S.L.)

This is a commercial entity where the capital of the society is of limited liability and has equal value to the partners. You must keep in mind that the liability of the members of this type of company in relation to future debts or obligation is limited only to the capital that they have contributed at the beginning of the society. To set up this company you only need 3000€. It takes only two weeks to be settled. Even though there’s one director, major decisions might be agreed between the partners.

Public Limited Company (Sociedad Anónima, S.A.)

This type of commercial entity takes more time to be settled for it requires a minimum capital of 60.000€. The capital of the company is placed on the stock market as shares. Such capital is generated basically from the contribution provided by each shareholder whose liability is limited to that amount.


Please note there are costs that must be paid separately from our legal fees, for example Notary and Mercantile Registry fees.

Our lawyers will always do their best in representing your interests and will be with you along the process to make sure that everything follows the legal stages. Please write us and learn about all the legal solutions that we got for you.

From opening a bank account, preparing your business plan to assess you with tax planning, we got it all cover in order to guarantee a successful process when setting up your company.

We offer our clients a wide range of legal solutions. Our staff is willing to give you a personalized service based on trust and responsibility. If you wish to be assessed by our legal staff, please contact us.