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NIE Number

If you are a foreigner and you are thinking of doing commercial, banking or business activities in Spain, you will find out that you will be requested to have a NIE Number certificate.

The NIE Number certificate is the Identification number for Foreigners, it is a document granted by the Policia Nacional. It must not be confused with the TIE card which is the Identification card for Spanish residents.

You will need a NIE number if you purchase or sell a property, set up a Spanish company or buy shares of it, purchase a car or a boat, inherit assets in Spain, open a bank account and other business-related matters.

Sometimes, dealing with the Spanish Consulate can be exhausting and their delays can result in losing business or the deposit that you have paid to buy the property.

We are immigration lawyers and we have streamed-lined the process to simplify it making it efficient for you. We will draft a power of attorney in your language so you can go to a notary and authorize us to represent you and obtain your NIE in just 3 business days.

We have multilingual staff, ready to assess you and available on our online chat to support you throughout the entire process.

If you wish to apply for your NIE with us, fill this application and our staff will contact you immediately.