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Spanish passport, the one that opens the most doors in the world.


Passports, those little paper jewels that open the doors to the world for us, are not all the same. The ability to access different destinations varies depending on the country that issues them. In the exciting game of global mobility, some passports are considerably more powerful than others. In the newly published index for December 2023, the “VisaGuide.World Passport Index” reveals that the Spanish passport stands as the most prominent for travelers in 2024.

What makes the Spanish passport so exceptional?

It is not just about its elegant design, but about the advantages it offers to its owners. Those with a Spanish passport can enjoy the freedom to enter 43 countries visa-free and 106 additional destinations without visa requirements. This achievement makes the Spanish passport the undisputed leader of the index, with a score of 90.36.

The “VisaGuide.World Passport Index” is not limited to counting how many countries can be visited without a visa, but also considers other benefits, such as the electronic visa, the possibility of obtaining the visa on arrival at the airport, international travel without a passport and the value of destiny. The composite score reflects the versatility and strength of each passport.

The Spanish passport is the one that opens the most doors in the world, is the passport that allows entry to the most countries without the need for a visa according to the latest passport index from Visa Guide World, an online portal that evaluates the strength and validity of passports of 199 countries and territories, Visa Guide World places Spain in first position, followed by Singapore and Germany.

The index considers a powerful country based on the number of countries that can be accessed without the need for a special visa. Spanish citizens can travel to 43 countries without carrying their passport and to 106 countries without needing to apply for a visa. People who have a Spanish passport can travel to eleven destinations with electronic authorization (such as the ESTA required to enter the United States), in eighteen countries with an electronic visa before traveling (India, Iran and Russia), in another eighteen with a traditional visa (Afghanistan, Cuba and Sudan) and thirty with a visa upon arrival at the border (Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia). In total, there are eighteen out of the two hundred countries, which Visa Guide World has included, that ask Spaniards for a visa.

Without a doubt, being a citizen of a European country brings a great benefit because among the top 10 most valuable passports in the world in the ranking are Germany, Italy, Finland, Spain, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, United Kingdom, Norway, Greece, Belgium, Malta, Slovakia, Lithuania and Hungary.

In the competitive world of global mobility, the Spanish passport shines with its own light in 2024, offering its holders privileged entry to a wide range of destinations. This recognition underscores the importance of not only geography, but also diplomacy and international relations in defining the power of passports in today’s world.

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